Monday, October 26, 2009

Taubmans Endure

The graphic for the new Taubman's Endure paint tin. A combination of 3D and illustration. I then rendered the new label onto an paint tin.

Sam David Toy

These are two photos of our friend Sam David Toy...The second shot taken by my daughter Melissa who is studying photography. I then took the shot and enhanced it in Photoshop. The first shot I took and also did some work on it in photoshop. 


Coprporate icons

Saturday, October 24, 2009



The Graduate

Zi Eye drops

A photoshop illustration of a female eye for Zi Eye Drops....I don't think they ran with it in the end.

American Express

A cafe and it's front doors modelled in FormZ for the cover of a promotional brochure for American Express.

Trilogy, Cairns, Queensland Australia

Arnie Grainger, whilst at the Branding House, commissioned me to do a 3D rendering of a proposed development on the waterfront in Cairns. A helicopter shot was supplied along with the architect plans and elevations and from these I built the model and landscaped and rendered the building in matching perspective and cut it into the shot.

Tom Piper

Somehow I got involved in the branding of Tom Piper canned vegetables. This is what I came up with for them. I can't remember the name of the Melbourne agency but I think it was Cowans.

Advanced Healing Band Aids

Johnson and Johnson developed a range of band aids that act like a second skin, aiding swifter healing whilst keeping the bugs out...I had to illustrate these applications for the packaging. Design firm the Branding House. 

Friday, October 23, 2009

Impulse Summer Shakers

Designer Zillah Dunton commissioned me to do these illustrations for the Impulse Summer Shakers range.

Ski Yogurt Bars illustrations

Another packaging assignment this time for Ski Yogurt and a new range of yogurt bars. The challenge was to make the bars appetising...not so easy sometimes.

Simmons Mag Wheels

For designer and art director Ann Barton. This technical illustration for Simmons for an ad Ann was doing for them.

Palmolive Naturals Shower Milk

For designer Anthony Cody, a Lavender image for Palmolive Shower Milk. Started off as a photograph of lavender I have been growing in my backyard for just such a job....I also keep aloe plants that I have used in just such a manner....better than trying to find them when you need them and they are useful plants to have around anyway.

Palmolive Softwash

Photo illustration for Palmolive softwash following the designs of John Blackwell from the Branding House. The pack has since been updated.

P&O Kiwi

Following on from the illustrations that Otto Schmidinger did for the P&O New Zealand campaign and using the character that Otto designed.

Nutri-Grain Honey and Nut

For Ray Laws again, this is the packaging illustration I did for Nutri-Grain's Smash Honey and Nut. Everything is done in 3D and finished in Photoshop.

Message in a bottle

This is just a photo I took with my Canon EOS1 MkIII using the L series 180mm macro zoom. I was down at Port Hacking on the Deer Park wharf on a beautiful saturday morning. Floating just off the jetty was this VB beer bottle that ruined the pristine surroundings. So as it got closer, I fired off some photos. I quite liked the result....there is art in rubbish!

Nutri-Grain Strength Energy Power

For designer Ray Laws, the back of pack for Nutri-Grain, done in 3D program FormZ and photoshop...quite fun to do.

Norco Ice Cream Truck

A digital oil paint illustration for Norco Australiana Ice Cream for designer Jeff Stewart who was Creative Director at Red Star Design. Bit of a departure to use warm colours for Ice Cream branding, don't you think?

Deep Spring Mineral Water

Another photo illustration piece for the branding of Deep Spring Mineral Water. Designed by Lawrence Hennesey of Sophie Batho and Associates. The water took quite a long time, but echos the previous design which I also did with Lawrence.


An illustration I did for Nair for designer Jeff Stewart. A vector file this time.


This is just a photoshop exercise really. For Imagri's client Morita which I think does dental chairs. They shot the young dude and I had to do two paths of the aging process....presumable one where he uses the chair and one without to highlight the difference a life times use would make.


John Blackwell came up with this idea for a limited promotion run of Kahlua. To be printed on the shrink wrap, it was to echo the actual product. John had me illustrate it and then do a 3D rendering of the result. There was talk of a UV treatment that would have looked mad in the clubs...I  don't know whether this in fact happened.

Metal Malibu Robotic Surfer

It is no surprise that if I can get surfing comfortably into a job, I will. This is one of the images I did for the Robo Surf series. I am not a big science fiction reader anymore. I was when I was a teenager, but I sort of left that behind as I found my interest turn more to Theology, and there is certainly plenty to read about that. Science fiction does raise it's head from time to time in my work and I am quite happy to potter in that area if it comes my way.

Robotic Shark

Another image I did for that same job as the Jet Fish.

Jet Fish

An idea I had whilst doing the bookcover work for Avery Dennison. This appeared on one of those products and was going to be used as stickers but the project was shelved. Done in 3D program FormZ, and inspired by Thunderbird 4 and the F-16 Hornet. The bubble background was a photograph I did of a freshly poured glass of lemonade using a 50mm macro zoom lense on my Canon EOS.

Harness Technology

Susie Tindle is the designer responsible for Charter Magazine. She commisioned me to do a series of illustrations for an article on accountants harnessing the power of their technology, I guess in the days when that may have been optional. Done in photoshop, and using the airbrush tool. Nothing much else to say about it really.

Lion Nathan's George

Working once again with Ray Laws, the task was to come up with a character based around a rugged Aussie brewer for a new range of mid strength beers. I did all sorts of poses and faces and bodies, but finally we were getting there and the above image is the result.

Fountain Sauces

Ray Laws commissioned me to illustrate these icons to differentiate the various sauces in Fountain's range.

Coates Shutdown Factory

A 3D illustration I did for Anthony Vella for Coates...the hire people. The idea being that they have everything you need to shutdown factories for maintanence. I had to include some of these things in this illustration. 

Even the Demons Know.

A comment Jesus' brother James made in his New Testament letter (2:19)...'You believe there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that - and shudder.' (NIV). The book of James is pretty straight talking, like the man. It leaves me feeling rather exposed at times. I guess that is it's purpose.