Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tahiti Promotion

An illustration for a travel promotion.

Tuna Fisherman

An editorial piece accompanying a story on the dangers of being a tuna fisherman and in particular their war with sharks.


An illustration for the cover of a book on dinosaurs done some time ago. I wanted to do it digitally but the client was reluctant at the time, so out came the airbrush and pencils.

Sea Captain

Using my father as a model. He has been a sailor since his youth in Holland and taught my brother, sister and I how to sail, a love we still have to this day despite the expense. Of course it helps to have Sydney Harbour as your playground.

Crocodile Communications

Some years ago there was a company called Crocodile Communications. I did quite a lot of work for these guys, which I enjoyed. I did this crocodile for them.

Hit for Six Ampol poster

A promotion for Ampol through their Autoshop.

Indy Grand Prix Coke Promotion

Another Coke promotional poster for the Indy Grand Prix on the Gold Cost.

Torture of the cross

This one gets a varied reaction depending on the viewer. An exploration in a symbolic nature of the cruxifiction. Looks like a heavy metal poster so it finished up being a little jarring because of that.

Coke Caltex promotion POS

Another one of those 50's style illustrations again. This time for a marketing promotion for Caltex and Coke that appeared in the gas stations around Australia. A gouache illustration and I think the last traditionally executed work I ever did in gouache.

The Juggler

This is an older illustration that I have had hanging around and it is of a corporate nature, I just can't remember the client or the brief. A generic concept that has been done to death. I can't remember how long ago I did it, but the glasses might be a clue.