Monday, March 29, 2010

Safcol Tuna

The designer already had this concept fairly well finalised in the visual, but never the less, I had to redo the image from scratch for hi res printing. The final result was a coyright independent illustration with hi res detail for POS applications.

10 can Coke Box

This illustration was for a 10 can box for Coke in the UK. Based on the Coke Semi that is ablaze with lights. I had to do the five sides with the production art handled by LFH in Belguim.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Strumbras Vodka

Stumbras Vodka....these were illustrations for designer John Blackwell in the UK as reverse labels to the backs of these you know, vodka is being flavoured these days. I think it is a lithuanian company.

Old Crow

Another label illustration.


Illustration for Dencorub packaging....thanks Jeff. DCS file in two colours and white.


Would have loved the time to make this one work better, but perhaps overstepped the brief somewhat...important not to let enthusiasm cloud critical thinking.