Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mishka Bear

Another icon for a liquor label working with designer Chris Travers. The thing with these is that after drawing a dozen bears, I take the one that is working the best and start reducing the detail until it becomes a simple graphic icon. With this one I could have refined and simplified it even further, but in so doing it loses something of the original idea. The trick is knowing when to stop. So this still retains some of the angular line work of the original thumbnail sketch.

Clipper Beer

Clipper Beer icon. Not really much more to add except the designer I worked with is Chris Travers.


Commissioned and actually designed by Zillah Dunton of the Scarlet Design Group is this illustration for Unilever...I think. Her idea, my execution....that is called collaboration.


Illustration work on cans are a real challenge because the printing surface is unforgiving and the ink can bleed all over the place. This illustration for Yello, a design firm in Sydney, had to be very controlled in order to have a half decent chance of surviving the can print process. I listened closely to the production crew, because they will certainly tell me if I become too adventurous. No point in doing work that won't print. You may notice a white keyline separates the greens from the yellow and magenta. We didn't want these colours bleeding into one another. The various yellows and oranges didn't pose the same problem. The product is Nestea, which most people will be familiar with.

Clea Crimson CD art

I thought I had better add this image seeing it is very current and I haven't posted anything for a while as I have been busy on other things. This is the CD art for Clea Crimson's album 'Home is where the art is'. A very cruisy collection of her own compositions that is currently on high rotation in my studio and home. I have posted a link to her website. Seeing the CD has just been released, why not check her music out. Supporting her on this album is a selection of some of Australia's gifted jazz musicians including Bill Risby, Ben Ackland, Steve Elphick, Toby Hall and Spike Mason