Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sam Dastyari

Sam Dastyari. A caricature of Sam that I really wanted to attempt, mainly because from the first time I saw him on Q&A, I thought, gee he looks like Mr Bean. And then sometimes he sounded like Mr Bean, and some of his mannerisms reminded me of Mr Bean. Then the Chinese payment scandal demonstrated that he could be as incompetent as Mr Bean. Now he is on the back bench and I sort of feel sorry for him because despite it all, I sort of like the guy. He ruined his 15 minutes of fame spectacularly over $1,600...from the Chinese no less. What was he thinking?
So I tried to make this caricature obviously Sam, but borrowed some traits from Rowan Atkinson's character, but not too much. There is enough similarity as it is.

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